About Me :)

36150_528391891988_2625629_nI always dislike these “Who Are You?” type things.  It seems like the ONLY time I’m at a loss for words…

It’s not that I don’t know myself…it is mostly that I suddenly feel the need to be deliberately witty to win you over with charm.

Maybe I subconsciously think that my life is too boring to give you the real deal?

Well, enticing or not, this is me….

  • Luckiest fiance in the world (…but seriously, my soon-to-be husband is the coolest) ♥
  • Pinterest junkie (sorry not sorry)
  • Wannabe event planner
  • Overworked Human Resources professional (…I swear my job is never done…and just when I think you’ve seen it all,  BAM! People never cease to amaze)
  • Passionate about equality, animal welfare, & charitable works
  • Forever lover of Disney (you are NEVER too old for a Disney movie)

My perfect Friday night involves PJ’s, cuddles from my fiance, and a good movie at home (add in a cup of hot tea and I’m in heaven). 

I have always admired those who kept a blog, and so I have decided to join the crowd. I apologize for the lack of frills and fancies that others may provide to you. I plan to keep this as true to myself as possible. 

If you frequent this blog, you are likely to find daily happenings in my life significant enough to share, recipes as I try them, Do-It-Yourself crafts I find, and other randoms I may throw in along the way. 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you – Maya Angelou


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