How To: Pick a Watermelon



One of the many similarities between my boyfriend and I is our love for watermelon♥

Lucky for him, if watermelon pickin’ was a job, I’d be a millionaire 🙂 Not cocky…just confident. But seriously, in the past 2 years I think maybe 2 watermelons were mediocre (and we eat 2 whole melons a week in the summer!). I’ll stand behind those odds.

When I was in high school, I worked part-time at a produce stand  for a few years so I became familiar with ripe fruits and veggies.

Here are some tips for selecting a juicy, sweet, tender watermelon:

  • Look for the “belly” on the watermelon. This is the spot where the watermelon sat on the ground while on the vine. You want this part to be yellow. The deeper the yellow, the better. This indicates how long the melon sat on the vine getting ripe before it was picked. If there is little, to no, belly, the chances are it is not ripe because it was not on the vine long to allow it to get ripe.
  • Take the pads of your 4 fingers, or tip of your index finger, and “pluck” (tap repeatedly) on the center of the melon. You are listening for a hallow sound. Unfortunately it is hard to describe this sound…but that is the best way for me to explain it. It is almost like a deep thud sound. The more hallow/deep this sound, the riper it will be.
  • When your tapping the melon, make sure you are holding the watermelon up, off of any counters, and away from your body. After you listen for the hallow sound, you are trying to see if there is a “vibrating” feeling as you tap (this is why you should keep it off of surfaces and away from your body to get a good read on the vibration. You will not want any interference). This will likely take some time to perfect. The more vibration, the better

So to recap, you are looking for a yellow belly, deep, hallow thud, and a vibration.

Happy Pickin’!


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